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[Refurbished] Daiwa Felicity Original Chi Machine Vitality Swing

$179.99 $299.00


Safety Stimulates Metabolism

The Vitality Swing helps stimulate the lymphatic system, cleaning excess fluids from the body. Boost metabolism and reduce swelling for simmer legs!

Inspired by Nature

The Vitality Swing produces a wave-like motion, based on the way that the bodies of fish move in water to oxygenate their blood. Circulates oxygen for an energizing effect!

  • The Super Deluxe Vitality Swing creates a wave-like motion that moves up the legs and spine.
  • With extra-strength 40-Watt motor, deluxe padded ankle cradles, variable-speed remote, auto-timer
  • A chi machine, or passive aerobic exerciser, makes energizing exercise accessible for everyone.
  • A Qi Machine can help increase circulation to the lower extremities for people who are sedentary.
  • Use for stress reduction, a restful sleep, increased energy levels, and an overall revitalization.

What's in the Box?
Vitality Swing x 1
Manual x 1

Original Chi Machine Vitality Swing USJ-815