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Testimonials for our Chi Swing Machine

Awesome little machine

I have arthritis in my back and problems with Sciatica and this little machine is wonderful. I have been to doctors, physical therapists and I sit all day at work and this Swing Machine beats them all for an overall looser feeling in my muscles. - Amazon Customer


Better than the original!

I tried an older original Sun Ancon at a friend's before ordering this one, this one is far better. Quieter, and the variable speed is a godsend, as i much prefer the slower rocking movement. It seems very well built. Very pleased with this purchase. - Amazon Customer

Josef Tornick

Better than Sun Ancon

I got it home and used it. I was very pleasantly surprised. The motion was smoother than the Sun Ancon. It felt like it 'glided' more and was more powerful and I love that I can control the speed - I can work up to fast or say on mellow. A great buy! - Amazon Customer

Sovereign Hart

Fantastic machine!!!

What can I say? This is one of the best investments I ever made!!! I love that you can control the speed, and the ankle cradles are surprisingly comfortable. I highly recommend the Jaclean Chi Machine... you won't regret this purchase. - Amazon Customer


Wonderful Product

It does everything it states it will do. Easy to operate and of a high quality. We have been using ours daily for months now. I love the auto shut off and the 'dial it up' feature as my husband and I prefer different speeds. - Walmart Customer


Enthusiastic i am by nature so i am pleased.
Rating it 1 to 10 I would rate it a is an awesome machine designed extremely cleverly. I use it twice a day and it changed my life. I will be 76 and I am getting younger everyday. I have g kids and they love it too...13 and 9 y. o. being the youngest of 20. - Walmart Customer