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U.S. JACLEAN Chi Vitalizer Swing Machine USJ-106 Deluxe Vitality Exerciser Variable Speed

$259.00 $299.00

The Chi Vitalizer is the older model and the Vitality Swing is the current newest model. The basic performance is almost the same. The newest Vitality Swing is 20% quieter, but the Chi Vitalizer (USJ-106) is also very quiet.


Safety Stimulates Metabolism

  • The Chi Vitalizer helps stimulate the lymphatic system, cleaning excess fluids from the body. Boost metabolism and reduce swelling for simmer legs!
  • The Chi Vitalizer machine that move your legs and spine in a wavy motion, like fish swimming in water. This can help circulate oxygen in your body and give you more energy.
  • They come with extra features like a remote control and a timer. These machines are like a type of exercise that is easy for anyone to do, especially if you don't move around a lot.
  • They can help reduce stress, help you sleep better, give you more energy, and make you feel better overall.

    What's in the Box?
    Chi Vitalizer x 1
    Manual x 1