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Aroma Globe Air Washer & Room Revitalizer - White Noise Machine USJ-802

$37.00 $48.99

  • The Aroma Globe is a top-selling Air Washer and Room Revitalizer Aromatizer that freshens stale, stagnant spaces.

  • The Aroma Globe uses a motorized rotating stem to stir water to add humidity and bright scents into the air.

  • As it draws stale, dirty air in, the included scented oils trap and clean contaminates, releasing fresh, humid, scented air back out.

  • The soothing ambiance of the moving water and colored LED lights create a restful environment at night. The Aroma Globe doubles as a white noise machine.

  • 7-inch tall table-top plug-in device has an easy-to-clean plastic base and includes 3 bottles of scented aroma oil. Treats 700 square feet.

Looking for Refill Oil?

Ocean Mist 1oz x 2 Sets
Cherry Blossom 1oz x 2 Sets
Cherry Blossom, Jasmine, and Ocean Mist 1oz x 3 Sets

Aroma Globe Diffuser

What's in the box?

Aroma Diffuser x 1
Aroma Oil:
Ocean Mist 10ml x 1 
Cherry Blossom 10ml x 1
Jasmine 10ml x 1
Manual x 1

Aroma Globe Air Washer & Room Revitalizer White Noise USJ-802