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Samurai Recovery Mini Massage Gun

$39.99 $58.98

Indulge in unparalleled relaxation and recovery with the Samurai Recovery Gun! Engineered to elevate your experience, this innovative device features a U-shaped massage head that effortlessly contours to your body's curves, enabling precise and targeted massages for specific muscle groups. The thumb head replicates human thumb pressure and adeptly homes in on knots and tension, offering deep tissue relief. If you're looking for broader coverage, the flat head provides a soothing touch, perfect for larger muscle areas and overall relaxation. Versatile and gentle, the spherical head ensures a holistic relaxation experience, effectively targeting larger muscle groups. Boasting a remarkable 5-hour battery life, whisper-quiet operation between 25Hz to 45Hz, four speeds, and four intensity levels, all in a lightweight, compact design of just 0.8lbs, the Samurai Recovery Gun sets the standard for personalized, rejuvenating massage therapy.