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Nishi Health System(西式健康法)

Katsuzo Nishi
Katsuzo Nishi 
Inventor of the Goldfish Exercise (Kingyo Undo)

Katsuzo Nishi, inventor of the Goldfish exercise, was born in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. At the age of 16, Nishi was told by a doctor that he might not live to be 20 years old. Nishi suffered from diarrhea and colds all year round, and his body became extremely weak. Following the doctor's advice not only did not improve his condition but made it worse. At this time, Nishi had strong doubts about the current medical science and decided to do the opposite of what the doctor said. 

He developed his own medical treatment, which was opposite to the medical philosophy of the time, and within a couple of years, he had recovered both physically and mentally by the age of 24 years old. He was so confident in this self-made therapy that he invented the Nishi Shiki (Nishi Health System) to help people suffering from the same symptoms. 

The Nishi Health System includes the Goldfish Exercise as one of six ways of exercising, called the Six Laws. 

The goldfish exercise (Kingyo Undo) recommended by Nishi in the early 1900s works as follows: 

Lay on a flat floor in a prone position with no pillow. Toes should be as far apart as possible, and the back of the knees should be extended. Fold hands under the third and fourth cervical vertebrae and shake body horizontally from side to side as if you were a goldfish swimming. Do this for one to two minutes at a time, preferably four to five minutes. This will correct any deviation of the spinal column from side to side. It also helps to restore the abdominal organs, especially the intestines, to a physiological position, preventing intestinal obstruction, torsion, and adhesions. For abdominal pain, it has a rapid effect. If you want to administer treatment to someone else, hold their ankles and put your heel and body on it, and vibrate your own body.

History of Kingyo Undo Machine (Chi Swing Machine) 

Along with the spread of the Nishi health system, various brands developed and released Kingyo Undo machine in Japan, and several patents on Kingyo Undo machines were applied for in Japan between 1980 and 2000. 

One of the most famous products in the U.S., along with our Vitality Swing, is the patented technology still used in The Chi Machine, which is sold by a Taiwanese corporation under the Sun Ancon brand. 

Patent No.: JP2566830B2

This patent is 23 years old and was obtained in Japan in 1988 by my relative, Keiichi Ohashi, the founder of Skylight Industries Corporation in Japan. 

In addition to this patented technology, Skylight Industries Corporation has developed and released various other Kingyo Undo machines. The patented technology used in the Sun Ancon Original Chi machine is so old that it is rarely used in the Kingyo Undo machines released by Skylight Industries corporation after 2000. 

This patented technology expired in September 2009, and now any company can use it freely, but it is not being used at all due to the current remarkable development of industrial equipment and technology. 

The Vitality Swing (USJ-815) and Chi Vitalizer (USJ-106) that we sell are the result of our efforts to develop a Chi Swing Machine that is more powerful and quieter than Sun Anchon's The Original Chi Machine, which uses this 23-year-old patented technology. 

I would also like to give a brief introduction to Shizuo Inoue, who is often mentioned in the history of Chi Machine. 

Shizuo Inoue

1922 Born in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
1948-89 Studied health science as secretary to Katsuzo Nishi
1960-1971 Taught healthy living methods at the Kenko Kaikan as acting director. 
Since 1971, Inoue has been writing, lecturing, and giving workshops, and is a board member of the Japan Health Association. 

He worked as a secretary for Mr. Nishi, and although he was an important role in spreading the Nishi Health system to the later generation, he is not related to the origin of the Goldfish Movement.